How to Attract Women Four Key Dating Tips

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dating tips for menThe dating world is a very strange world… More horror stories come from it than from horror movies and books combined! This fact can be very troublesome for a lot of people who are into the dating scene. Basically, it can be very scary at times and can cause some people to be scarred for life… If they let it scar them, that is. You’ve probably experienced or know of someone who’s become mentally beaten because of it… It’s not pretty. So here’s some strategies and dating tips for men that will work for any guy who’s willing to put in the effort to get with girls or get a girlfriend. These are for the men who want to know how to attract women and put in the effort to meet women. Keep these in mind when you’re out on the town, meeting pretty ladies.

1) Women want good men

Why is it that 10% on the men out there get 90% of the women? It’s because they’re the alpha males of the crowd. While the rest of us shuffle around trying to win the attention of pretty women, these guys don’t have to. The women are already attracted to them. All they have to do is handle logistics and push physical escalation forward… Pretty simple. Kind of sucks for the rest of us, doesn’t it?

It’s actually not that bad, because once you learn what it is that attracts women, you can turn yourself into the kind of guy that she wants. The guy that adds value to her. If you’re currently the kind of guy that takes away value from girls, don’t worry, it’s entirely possible to become the value adding guy.

2) Women want men who are leaders

Everyone’s going to be attracted to the guy who projects influence on the group. In loud groups the quiet one is seen as the odd one out and the attractive one, in quiet groups the loud one is seen the same way. The leader is generally the person who influences everyone’s actions and receives the most attention. Guess what? You’re fully capable of being a leader! Don’t be that quiet, timid guy anymore, and start being that guy you want to be. Rather than thinking about what the proper thing to do in a given situation is, think about what the guy you want to be would do, and follow that path. This is one of the more subtle dating tips for men, but it’s something to keep in mind when you’re out meeting women.

3) Don’t be afraid of getting sexual

A big problem that’s seen over and over with guys who are going out is that they gain a girl’s interest, and then don’t know what to do when the conversation moves in a different direction. Women are sexual. They’d have no use for us men if they weren’t. Just like us, women have something in them that makes them want to ravish the men that they find attractive. All you have to do is be that attractive man. What would that guy you want to be do when he’s faced with a girl who’s hanging around him, trying to be alone with him, etc..? He’s going to step up his game and move the interaction to the next level, that’s what he’s going to do. Isolate her, and escalate the interaction.

Also, getting sexual helps keep you out of the dreaded friend zone. You have to play to win when it comes to attracting women, and when you play to win you have to be willing to lose. Nobody wins with every girl, NOBODY. But there are lots of beautiful women out there. If you happen to lose with a girl, at least you didn’t wind up in the friend zone, you gave it your all, and you played to win. There’s always the next girl.

4) Don’t be afraid of meeting lots of people

There’s a lot of people doing a lot of things in the world, and guess what? You have an opportunity to search through them and find the right person that works for you. That isn’t a curse, it’s a blessing. When you’re getting into the dating world, having taste and choice serves you well, rather than limiting you. If you have taste and a powerful frame, this is going to be much easier for you than you might have originally thought it’d be. Girls like that in a guy.

What you look like doesn’t matter. Looks are just what YOU think they are. Girls don’t really care. They care more about how you present yourself and what value you can add.

So get out there and enjoy life. That’s what it’s all about after all! =)

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