How to Attract A Woman Five Tips for Asking Her Out

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how to ask a girl outNow that I’ve been having some success with women – believe me, it wasn’t always this way – a few of my friends have been asking me what my secret is to the intimidating experience of asking a girl out. I thought I’d share with you five key tips for what NOT to do. You’re wondering how to attract a woman and how to ask her out? Be sure to keep these tips in mind and not make these mistakes next time you find yourself in this situation.

1) Don’t become super invested in her

This is a big point to keep in mind for when you’re first starting to get to know her and for when you’re actually asking her out. Before actually asking a girl out, you want to give off the impression that you could take her or leave her. This results in her seeing you as kind of a challenge to win over, which is what you want. Similarly, when you’re asking her out, don’t become overly emotionally invested in whether she says “yes” or “no”. if she feels like you’re super invested in what her response will be, it’ll put a lot of pressure on her and she’ll get scared away.

2) Don’t be shy

Girls usually love being around a guy who’s shy and not very fun, right…? Show her that you’re a fun guy to be around and that the two of you will have fun together. This will get her wanting to hang out with you more.

3) Don’t be a follower

Who do you think a girl’s going to be more attracted to, a follower? Or a leader? It’s going to be the leader. Before asking her out, show her that you possess leader-like qualities. You could do this by setting up an event with your friends and inviting her to come along, or you could just be sociable with people at a party or other social gathering. Girls like guys who are confident and comfortable with themselves, so show her that you’re both.

4) Don’t ask her to go to dinner and a movie

Not only is this the most boring and unoriginal kind of date out there, it also puts this extra sense of legitimacy on the date which can scare her away for good. Try being unique and coming up with something a bit more original than this.

5) Don’t ask her to go to something, sometime

A lot of guys will say something like “do you want to do something sometime?” when asking a girl out. Oh, girls just get so excited when they hear something like that… It’s best to come up with a specific plan for something you’d like to do with her and ask her to join you. You can use this to your advantage also by putting yourself in a place and situation that makes you look best. If she says “no”, that’s her problem.

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