How to Attract A Woman 4 Key Tips for Flirting With Her

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how to flirt with a girlHere’s a little story that will show you how I learnt about the importance of how to attract a woman through flirting.

Just over a year ago I was out on a date with this girl. Now, this was before I started studying pick up and dating advice, so I basically went into the date with no clue what I was doing. Blindfolded would be a good way of describing it. We chatted throughout the night, but in a very straight-forward, fact-based kind of way. Not only was our conversation kind of bland, but I was also too shy to make a move during the date. We chatted some more, and at the end of the date I dropped her off, and we said our goodbyes. Guess what happened the next day when I texted her?

She said she was totally into me and wanted me to come over to f**k her!

Actually, as you probably could have guessed, what I just said is a lie. In fact, it was more like the exact opposite. She didn’t respond to any of my texts, and I basically felt like a ghost. Shortly after this incident is when I started reading up on dating advice (thinking in my head, “enough is enough, it’s time to make a change”), and I soon realized one of the reasons why I had failed so miserably. I needed to understand how to successfully flirt with women.

Had I understood how to flirt with a girl before I went on that date, I’m sure that when I texted her the next day she would have been eager to reply. But instead, I got nothing. This is why if you ever want to succeed at attracting women, you have to know how to flirt with a girl.

If you’re not flirting with a girl, she’s just going to assume that you’re not that interested or that you have a girlfriend, and then look elsewhere for another guy who will show her that he’s interested. This is why it’s so important to know how to flirt.

How to flirt with a girl

When it comes to flirting with girls there are four key tips to keep in mind, and they are:

1) Use body language to help assist your flirting.

2) Make sure to occasionally tease her.

3) Use playful banter to keep her interested.

4) Use people-watching as a way to build a bond between you and her.

While there are many more tips for flirting with women than just these ones that I’ve mentioned, applying these 4 tips will help you have more fun, flirty, sexual conversations instead of bland, boring ones.

So don’t be that guy who gets ignored after having a boring, non-flirty kind of date. Make use of these tips, and be that guy who gets the girl wanting to talk to him again, and wanting to meet up for another date.

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