How to Attract A Woman and Get Her Phone Number

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how to get a girls numberSo you’re going out, learning how to attract a woman, and making an effort to meet women. You’re meeting them and doing everything you can to get them attracted to you and it seems to be going well. Now you need to do the one thing that will enable you to stay in contact with her… You need to get her phone number. Now, girls don’t always want to give their numbers out to strangers, which is why it’s important to build that comfort level between the two of you first. Trading numbers should come at a point where she’s comfortable or maybe even excited to give you her number. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll meet up with a girl, following these tips will give you better odds. You’re curious as to how to get a girls number? Here are some quick and simple ways.

1) Make sure you actually approach people when you go out

Next time you’re out at a bar, club, show, or some kind of social gathering, don’t be that guy who’s standing in the corner all by himself, looking like he’s not having a good time. Antisocial behaviour won’t help your chances of getting numbers at all. Without changing your old, bad habits, there’s no way to start seeing better results. Being sociable is a very important tip for how to get a girls number.

2) Get good at building comfort

As I talked about in the intro, getting good at building comfort is also very important. In fact, it’s the most important thing to remember when interacting with women. If you can get a girl to talk about her dreams and passions, fun things to do around town, or anything else that shows there’s a good comfort level between the two of you, then you’re in a good position to get her number. All you have to do is suggest that the two of you stay in touch, and then go for the number. It’s that simple. If you’re good at building comfort, you will probably be seeing lots of success. If you struggle at building comfort then you have some work to do.

3) Don’t be too excited or over-eager when getting digits

I know this may be hard for some people, but you have to understand that having good game means that you’re projecting yourself as being not too interested. Meanwhile the girl has lots of reasons to be interested in you… So remember to play it calm and cool when it comes to getting a girls number. Also, try not to ask for her digits too early on in the interaction. In fact, don’t even ask… Instead, (once a nice comfort level has been built) suggest that the 2 of you exchange numbers in the most casual way possible. Or even wait and let her bring up exchanging numbers if it feels like it’s headed in that direction. But remember, being over-eager or too excited will kill attraction.

4) Know of interesting and fun things to do around town

Knowing of interesting and fun things to do around town gives you a sense of leadership when you mention them to a girl you’re interacting with. But make sure you get a read on what type of events or places you think she might be interested in going to, and mention those ones. If you don’t know of many interesting or fun things to do around town, look it up online or get a travel guide to help you out. Even come up with your own events and be persuasive when mentioning them to her.

5) Don’t be afraid to go for it

It’s a fact, you will get numbers if you go for them and you won’t get numbers if you don’t go for them. The more you approach women and go for numbers, the more numbers you will get!

So start making connections with people, get good at creating a nice comfort level, don’t seem too interested, find fun places/events in your town, and don’t be afraid to go for the number. Follow these tips and you will start seeing good results.

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