How to Attract Women 7 Great Conversation Topics

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how to talk to girlsIf you’ve ever wondered how to attract women and had difficulty coming up with conversation topics when talking to them, then you know the frustration of running out of things to say, having awkward silences, and beating your brain in trying to come up with ways to keep the conversation going. In situations like this a lot of guys tend to enter interrogation mode where they fire off multiple fact-based questions in an attempt to keep the conversation going, not really paying attention to what the conversation’s about. But quick questions like these result in quick answers, putting the guy back at square one. Don’t let this happen to you! Here are seven great conversation topics that will help you figure out how to talk to girls.

1) Gossip and drama

Sharing gossip or drama about you or your friends’ lives can be a great way to keep the conversation going. There’s a reason people have watched Jerry Springer for so many years after all… They’re drawn to the drama. Sex, relationships, and bad dates are good gossip and drama conversation topics for talking to girls.

2) Experiences

Has anything strange or intriguing ever happened to you? Talking about experiences of a strange or intriguing nature can really turn the conversation from good to great. Conversations about personal experiences like these do a great job of captivating the girl, which then leads to her asking questions or sharing her own strange and intriguing experiences. An example of this could be when my girlfriend and I recently stayed at an old mansion that was turned into a bed and breakfast. We were the only ones staying there that night, and when I would leave the room to get some fresh air I would get this eerie feeling that someone was watching me. I also swear I heard a little girl laughing downstairs in the middle of the night… Pretty creepy. Bringing up strange and interesting experiences like this one works great for talking to girls.

3) Passions and goals

This is one of the best conversation topics for talking to girls. Telling her about your passions or future goals enables you to move the conversation forward due to the amount of knowledge you have on these topics. Also, chances are you’ll sound a little excited when talking about them, and showing emotion is always a good thing. So many other guys try hiding their emotions when talking to girls, thus it will be kind of a relief for her when she’s talking to you. Similarly, she will be a little excited when talking about her passions and future goals, which equals out to a good conversation that she’s interested in.

4) Making observations

The two types of observations you should be focusing on as conversation topics when talking to girls are observations about the girl, and observations about your surroundings. For observations about the girl, feel free to bring up any non-offensive observations you’ve made about her just by looking at her (offensive observations won’t work in your favor). She will either confirm your observation, making it seem like you’re good at reading people, or tell you that it’s not true while defending herself with passion in her voice. Either way, she will be interested and engaged in the conversation since she gets to talk about herself.

As for observations about your surroundings… Making observations about your surroundings helps establish a bond between the 2 of you. Namely observations about the place, and observations about the people at the place. Coming up with humorous jokes and stories for people puts both of you in a creative mood and gets you collaborating, which will hopefully carry over to the bedroom later on. 😉

5) Travel

Travel is also a great conversation topic for talking to girls, but the key is for you to let the girl do most of the talking. Instead of boasting about the places you’ve been and the stories you have right away, use it as an opportunity to learn about her interests, passions, and world views. Listen well, and you can bring these topics to the conversation later in the night.

6) Pop culture

When talking to girls, if you find yourself on the verge of an awkward silence, feel free to bring up pop culture or current events. This is a much better way of dealing with awkward silences than the “interrogation mode” that I mentioned earlier. By bringing up pop culture and current events, you will open the door for numerous topics of conversation, from which you can branch off.

7) Lessons learnt

Think of this as icing on the cake, as it can turn your other conversations from good to great! Instead of just telling a story, talking about gossip or drama, or talking about pop culture, be sure to tell her about the lessons you’ve learnt. This shows her that you’re a deep thinker (which women find attractive) and also leads to more conversation topics. For example, instead of just telling her about a fight you got into when you were in high school, talk about a lesson you learnt from that experience. This will open up the door for her to talk about her own lessons learnt throughout life also.

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