How to Attract Women and Where to Meet Them

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where to meet womenIf you’re interested in how to attract women then you might be wondering where to meet women. A lot of men wonder where they can meet the kind of girl they like, but have no idea where to look. They go around and look for their wives in a bar or club, or try to find a girl who likes to party in a bookstore… Those 2 scenarios just don’t mix well.

So the question is, where can you meet the kind of women you like? There are numerous options available, and today I’m going to run you through some of the pros and cons for each.

1) The Real World

People are walking around all the time, some of these people might just so happen to be hot women. As you read this, wherever you happen to be, there are women out there doing the things that attractive women like to do. Shopping, setting up get-together’s… They’re doing that sort of stuff. So if you want to meet these women you have to break away from the monitor that your eyes are stuck on and actually get out there and approach them. It isn’t as difficult as you may think, it’s actually a lot easier when you’re out there talking to them.

What are the cons you’re wondering? There aren’t any when it comes to approaching the women you see around town. It allows you to grow your social circle, become a more bold kind of guy, and just have more confidence in general. None of these are cons. The one and only downside is that it will probably feel a little weird. Actually, almost all PUA’s who claims to be professionals in approaching women don’t even like to do it that much. But, with practice it does get easier.

2) Online

A lot of money gets made in the online dating industry. This is because people are willing to dish out a ton of cash as long as it means they’ll get a warm body to hold themselves against every night. Whether you’re looking to hook up with numerous women or find that special one, there are numerous dating sites for whatever you’re looking for.

However, if you’re wanting to use online dating to actually meet up with a girl in person, it obviously takes a lot longer than if you were to just approach a woman out in the real world. With online dating you have to sift through profiles and exchange messages back and forth before getting an actual meet up.

Additionally, for the average guy it’s a lot easier to attract women in person than it is online… When you’re online, most of these women will usually only reply to precisely what they’re looking for.

I say “usually” because there is a method that the average guy can use to attract these hot women on dating sites. It doesn’t work on every girl, but when it does work it’s extremely effective. Click here to learn more about my method for attracting hot women on dating sites…

So if you’re not the kind of guy a hot woman would usually go for, you’ll have to be patient when using dating sites. If you’re not the patient type, your best bet would be to get out there and approach women in person (or you could always do both!)

3) Social Gatherings

The simplest place to meet girls is to look for them at places where you’re already having fun. A lot of couples typically get together through their social circles, or they meet at college, work, etc…

It helps when your friends know lots of different women, or even better, if you’re already friends with attractive women. Beautiful women feel at ease around a guy who’s at ease around beautiful women. By showing up with an attractive woman, you’ll be at an advantage when you start interacting with other girls.

4) Places They Like To Go

Not every girl is the same, and so, different girls like to do different things in different places. If you’re out at art galleries all the time, you’ll meet a very different kind of woman than if you were at a nightclub… Keep this in mind.

Hence, while all the above ideas for places to meet women do work, the easiest solution is through your social circle. So get out there, try to expand your social circle, and still make use of the other ideas mentioned in this post. Doing more than one of these ideas will increase your chances of meeting these sexy women.

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