How to Attract Women (How To Get Her To REALLY Like You)

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why girls like jerksHave you ever wondered why nice guys always seem to finish last while jerks always seem to prosper when it comes to attracting women?

In the past I was always more of a nice guy than anything else, and I remember losing out to these kind of guys on numerous occasions. And it sucked.

For years I found myself in the same situation over and over, as I’m sure a lot of you guys have…

But here’s the thing, one of the main reasons women secretly become obsessed with jerks and why nice guys usually lose out is because the nice guys aren’t creating enough uncertainty in the girl to get her thinking about them. They’ll do things like telling her how much they like her or agreeing with everything she says because they don’t want to screw it up.

But as my friends Bobby Rio and Rob Judge reveal in the awesome video I’m about to show you, telling a girl how much you like her or mindlessly agreeing with everything she says is actually very counter-productive when it comes to getting her to really like you…

The key is to create that uncertainty in her mind (or as Bobby calls it “psychic tension”). You shouldn’t be afraid to challenge what she says and you shouldn’t make it clear as day that you like her.

By doing this, she just won’t be able to get you off her mind. She’ll be the one wondering if you like her, and she’ll start trying to win you over…

Now, if you’re looking for a more through explanation of “psychic tension” and just how to attract women in general, then I recommend you check out Bobby and Rob’s new video called “Reverse Engineering Love”. The video basically reveals the key ingredients for getting a woman to REALLY like you or even fall in love with you. Check it out below…

By Bobby Rio & Rob Judge Creators of: The Scrambler: How to Score the Hard to Get Girl


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