How to Text Women 5 Great Ideas for Cute Texts to Send Her

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cute texts to send to a girlSo you’ve got your phone…  You’ve got a woman of interest that you’re texting on your phone… You’ve been doing great so far at getting her attracted to you, but are drawing a blank as to how you can move the interaction to the next level … You want to send her some cute texts to boost her attraction towards you but are boggled and uncertain as to what to send… Here’s the good news, coming up with cute texts to send to a girl can be very easy.

Maybe you just met the girl, maybe you’re kind of seeing her, or maybe you’re already in a relationship with her. No matter which of those 3 scenarios you’re in, your phone can be used to steer the interaction in the direction you want it to go (bringing the 2 of you closer). Below are 5 easy-to-implement ideas for how to text women: cute texts to send her.

1) Cute jokes

Texting is done in a way so that you send a text, then wait for a reply. In most cases you won’t be sending essay length messages to a girl that you’re interested in. You’ll want to send short, playful, and flirty messages to help move the interaction forward. One way of doing this is to send fun little jokes to her. This is a very easy way to put a smile on a girl’s face and help bring the 2 of you closer together. You want to be continuously moving the interaction forward, avoiding any awkwardness, and sending short, playful jokes is a great way to do that.

2) Photos

This is one of the lesser known techniques used by PUA’s (but it works very well). As long as you have a phone that’s capable of taking pictures, and not an antique, you will be able to try this out. Sending photos can be a great way to spice up a conversation, and with the technology we have today it is very easy to do. You don’t want to send anything vulgar, just something interesting that you saw, a picture of your pet doing something cute or funny, a meal you made or are going to eat, or a nice looking bouquet of flowers that are for sale (and see if she’d like them). These type of pictures work great as cute texts to send a girl. They usually do a great job at stimulating the conversation.

3) Using notepad in nightclubs

This idea is somewhat related to cute texts to send a girl. One of the problems a lot of guys face when starting out at this stuff is that they don’t know how to talk to women at nightclubs or other locations where the music is blaring. But there is a fix for this problem as long as you have good text game. The fix is, if you’re getting a good vibe from the girl and she hasn’t walked away from you, to open up the notepad on your phone and start exchanging messages with her. The beauty of this is that it enables the two of you to communicate in a noisy, crowded place without having to yell or have an actual conversation. I know of numerous guys who have used this tactic and achieved great results because of it. But like I said, make sure you have solid text game if you’re going to attempt this, as overusing emoticons or asking boring questions may cause the interaction to go stale. Just remember to keep your messages short, playful, and flirty.

4) Make plans to go to fun events

So you met a girl that you like and ended up getting her number. Yay! =) The next main goal for you should be to set up a date, and what better way to do this than to invite her to join you for some sort of fun event that’s going on. She may say yes, she may say no… If she says yes, that’s great! If she says no, it’s not the end of the world, just continue to be fun and playful with the following texts you send or give it a try on the next woman you meet. But when the girl sees that you enjoy going to fun events, combined with the fact that you decided to include her in on the idea, she will usually find it hard to decline.

5) Use of humorous exaggeration

One of the base principles of humour is the use of exaggeration. Coming up with funny, exaggerated situations or reading something that the girl wrote to you and turning it into a BIG deal (in a joking way) are just a couple of things PUA’s like to do when texting women. If the girl plays along with your humorous exaggeration, then it has worked in bringing the two of you closer together.

These were a few tips that I learnt from my friend Bobby Rio and his ebook Magnetic Messaging. If you’re serious about that girl you like, and want to get her choosing to be with you over every other guy she probably has texting her, then I highly recommend you watch his FREE video presentation and learn the #1 sequence of texts you can send to turn her on and get her out on a date. This “Key Lock Sequence” is so simple, yet it can even be used to break free of the friend zone (and win over those girls who are hard to get!)

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