How to Text Women 5 Great Ideas for Funny Texts to Send Her

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funny texts to send a girlEvery now and then it’s not getting the girl that’s the most important thing… At times you will find that getting the girl is just one of the things that brings you happiness, and indulging in the principle of self-amusement may be exactly what you need. This basically means that you have the most fun doing silly things and not being worried about the main principles governing the pick-up artist community. At times you just plain want to be silly. Here’s the problem… A lot of people just don’t know how to be silly or funny. Many people who search for information on this sort of thing tend to struggle with things like picking up on social cues. So let’s get to it, here are some ideas for how to text women: funny texts to send her.

1) Funny pictures

For those of you who don’t have fossil-like cell phones, there is always the option to text funny pictures to girls that you like and usually getting a good response. The beauty of this is that there are thousands of funny pictures all over the net that you can easily save to your phone and send to girls whenever you want. How many women can resist pictures of cats and dogs looking all funny? Well, I know that if she doesn’t like funny pictures of cats and dogs then she’s probably not the one for me! You could also find pictures of funny captioned things or funny signs and text those. Even create your own pictures that you can use for any situation that you may find yourself in. Sending pictures is just one idea for funny texts to send a girl.

2) Funny jokes

The beauty of jokes is that they’re short enough to be told over text. Because they’re so short people tend to not get bored with them easily, and so, even the really corny ones are usually good for getting a laugh. In fact, even the really short and dumb ones will almost always get at least some sort of reaction out of the girl (assuming you and her are on good enough terms that she doesn’t mind you sending her corny jokes). Any short jokes (2-liners, knock-knock’s, etc..) work great for eliciting a response from a girl you’re trying to seduce, and getting her laughing. Make a girl laugh and you’ll have way better odds at winning her over.

3) “Made you look”

Try texting this to a girl, if she picks up on the joke then you know that she’s a funny girl and will be fun to joke around with. If she doesn’t clue in so easily… Then explain to her that you made a joke and never talk to her again! Haha, just kidding. But seriously, if you can’t joke around with a woman then how fun could it possibly be to talk to her? Being able to joke around is what makes an interaction fun, and this is just one other way of doing that.

4) “My house is being invaded by Smurfs! Help! What do I do??”

Sending this text to a woman accomplishes a few things. You’ll find out if she’s familiar with classic cartoons from the 80’s for starters. Or maybe she’ll know what you’re talking about because of the more recent Smurfs movie that came out. Above all though, sending this text message to numerous women on your contact list allows you to see the various different types of responses you will get. Try sending this text to women who haven’t been responding to you, and you never know when one of them will bite. Something as simple as this could turn a previously silent girl into a potential date! Just remember, get her having fun and you’re chances for success will boost dramatically.

5) “Just saw a hawk battling a shark, made me think of you”

This one is another text you can send to numerous women in your contact list, and wait and see who replies. If you hear back, you’ll get puzzled responses like “huh?” or “what?” Or someone with a good sense of humor might reply with something like “aww, that sounds adorable”. Either way, your goofy text was able to get some sort of response out of the girl. This is just another example of funny texts to send a girl, that will brighten her day, and maybe jump start a fun conversation (and help boost the attraction she feels towards you).

I’d like to mention that these ideas are just some suggestions. Sometimes it’s best to use humor that goes well with your own unique personality instead. If your personality is currently a little dry, it might sound odd using these texts that someone else came up with. This is why it’s important to get in touch with your own unique sense of humor, and be creative with it. We all have a sense of humor inside of us, it’s just your job to discover it.

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