How to Text Women Three Key Tips for Flirting Over Text

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how to flirt over textWhen texting a girl, boring messages do a great job… A great job at ruining your chances with her! Bland messages like “Hi, how’s it going?” or “Hey, what’s up?” don’t set you apart from the other guys she probably has texting her, nor do they display much of your personality. Sending texts in a fun, playful, flirty kind of way on the other hand can really increase your chances for success. Here’s 3 key tips for how to text women: flirting over text.

1) Every message should have value

As I was talking about above, bland texting does a great job at ruining your chances with a woman. You want to give her a glimpse into your fun personality with the messages you send her, so messages like the ones I mentioned in the intro should be erased from your texting vocabulary. Those kind of messages are just fishing for a response. Try texting something like “Stop thinking about me!” or “You just popped into my head and I thought I’d say hi”. Texts like these aren’t asking for a reply, yet they will probably get the girl responding in a flirty way, and eager to text you back (A great way to initiate some text flirting!) Just remember, every message should have value.

2) Short, flirty and fun texts = win

Texting is not the real way to get to know a woman. And so, think of it as a way of giving her a glimpse into what kind of guy you are. Show her a sneak peak of your humor, personality, and interests, and make sure to flirt a lot!

Try to use the same flirtatious tone in your texts as you would if you were there with her in person. Teasing is a great way to get a girl smiling. Make her laugh and she’ll be craving to read your next text!

Let’s say you met a girl at a bar, club, or somewhere else and want to text her the following day. Avoid messages like “Hey, it’s Steve, it was good meeting you last night. What are you up to?” Instead, give her a sneak peak into your fun, flirty personality. A much more engaging text would be something like “Do you speak text?” (credit to Sinn) or “Is it too soon for casual text? I just met you… Maybe we should wait!” As you can probably see, these kind of texts would be much more fun and interesting for a woman to read than the first one.

3) Using push/pull

Have you ever had to wait a few hours to hear back from a woman after texting her? What were you thinking about while you were waiting to hear back? You were probably thinking about her! You want to build mystery and intrigue when messaging women. Being spontaneous, brief, and unpredictable will help create a roller coaster effect in your messages.

So if you’re always messaging her back right after she texts you, try waiting 30 minutes to a couple of hours (or even longer) every once in a while before replying. This gets her thinking about you in her head more so than if you were to reply right away all the time, and also gets her eagerly waiting for your next text. This is possibly the most important tip to remember when flirting over text.

These were a few tips that I learnt from my friend Bobby Rio and his ebook Magnetic Messaging. If you’re serious about that girl you like, and want to get her choosing to be with you over every other guy she probably has texting her, then I highly recommend you watch his FREE video presentation and learn the #1 sequence of texts you can use to turn her on and get her out on a date. This “Key Lock Sequence” is so simple, yet it can even be used to break free of the friend zone (and win over those girls who are hard to get!)

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