How to Text Women Getting More Dates Through Text Messaging

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how to get more datesMost guys use text messaging completely wrong.

And they usually make 1 of these 3 very common mistakes:

1. Completely boring her (maybe even annoying her) due to sending logical, dry, un-original text messages.

2. Capturing her attention for a while but then spinning the wheels going absolutely nowhere until her attraction for you fizzles out..

3. Or spending weeks and months playing “textual grab ass” while she’s getting it on with some other dude.

You’re wondering how to text women and get more dates through text messaging? Here’s a true but very unfortunate fact:

When a woman decides to give you her number you have a very small window of opportunity to turn that # into a date, sex, or relationship…

Every minute that passes by… the window closes more and more and your chances of getting her out on a date starts to rapidly disappear.

Here’s another fact you should know:

1. The next step with her can only be in person.

This is where most guys mess it up. You may think that having a bunch of “text conversations” with her is boosting your chances of meeting up with her…

But it’s definitely not.

There’s a small little voice inside every girl’s head that says “If he really was “THE 1”, it would have already happened…”

A woman really wants to believe that when there’s “chemistry” between her and the guy, she will be swept off her feet…

This is the reason why when you’re having “logical” back & forth text conversations with women…

You really are kissing your chances with her goodbye.

Want to know what to do instead?

It’s very simple.

Just watch my friend Bobby Rio’s FREE video on the next page and learn how you can use his 3 simple texts to not only get more dates, but also turn women on in the process.

Bobby is one of the co-creators of the very popular ebook called Magnetic Messaging. And if you’re serious about that girl you like, and want to get her choosing to be with you over every other guy she probably has texting her, then I highly recommend you watch his video presentation on the next page and learn his #1 sequence of texts that has been proven to attract women time and time again. This “Key Lock Sequence” is so simple, yet it can even be used to break free of the friend zone (and win over those girls who are hard to get!)

==> Send her these 3 texts (every time)

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