4 Main Rules for How to Text A Woman You Like

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how to text a girl you like

You’ve come a long way, putting in the effort to make improvements in your life, and learning what it takes to be a man. While you’ve learned some invaluable lessons along the way, some very basic ones might have escaped you. If you’re able to cook basic meals, but when you try to cook a gourmet one it doesn’t work out, this means it is time to step back and re-evaluate your culinary skills. Show a man how to cook, and he’ll be able to feed an army – You’ll be able to do this with your words once you figure out how to effectively text girls.

You’re wondering how to text a woman you like? Continue reading to find out…

4 Rules for How to Text a Girl You Like

1. Text her right after you meet her.

I bet you’re thinking, this seems like bad advice – who in their right mind would text a woman pretty much right after they meet her? Someone who’s desperate? Someone who has no concept of how the social matrix works? Wrong. Guys who know what they’re doing do this. When a girl makes the decision to give her number out to you, unless she puts her number into your phone herself, quite often she’ll get confused about who you are if you choose not to text her right away. This confusion then leads to a lull in your interaction. So if possible, try texting her right away after getting her #. This will lead to less “huh? Who is this?” situations in the future.

2. Make sure you’re clear about the jokes you make

At times, we all become tired of those little emoticons. But when it comes to texting, if you’re ever unsure as to whether or not she’ll understand that you’re joking, it will help to include a wink face or a “jk”. When you’re talking to someone for the first time, it’s best to communicate as clearly as possible — anything that you can do to further boost the expression will help. Also, don’t be too weird or too dark – the easier it is to understand your interaction, the more attractive it is to her.

3. Make your texts interesting and flirty.

It’s amazing how many guys text women and have basically nothing to say. Their texts contribute nothing to the girl’s day, and then they can’t believe it when the girl won’t text them back. Surprisingly, this is very common. Men will quite frequently bombard women with questions over text, so if you’re one of those guys, this website’s probably not for you. This website is about how to seduce women. All you need to do is the same things that you would do in a regular in-person interaction. Build a nice comfort level, tease her, and aim for a continuation. These are things you should be doing whenever you communicate with women, not just over text.

4. Text her a time and place to meet up.

The whole point of getting a girl’s number is to meet up with her…not to give your thumbs a workout and ONLY text her. Eventually you will have built up enough comfort to get her to meet up for a date, and so you should always have that in the back of your mind throughout your text conversations – going as far as telling her the reason you want her number is to text her about an event you want to go to with her. This will allow you to send her a text that reminds her of your plans, instead of a text that just suggests a meet up. This is easy to do, and way less hassle.

With just these four rules in mind alone, you’ll have much more success when texting the girl(s) you like. Basically, just be as charming as you can possibly be — in-person, over text, and it will be very tough for you to fail.

These were a few tips that I learnt from my friend Bobby Rio and his ebook Magnetic Messaging. If you’re serious about that girl you like, and want to get her choosing to be with you over every other guy she probably has texting her, then I highly recommend you watch his FREE video presentation and learn the #1 sequence of texts you can use to turn her on and get her out on a date. This “Key Lock Sequence” is so simple, yet it can even be used to break free of the friend zone (and win over those girls who are hard to get!)

==> Send her these 3 texts (every time)

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