How to Text Women 6 Great Ideas for Sweet Texts to Send Her

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sweet texts to send a womanThere is something you have to take into consideration before reading these ideas for sweet texts to send a girl, and that is, most women aren’t really comfortable with a guy being overly sweet to them when they haven’t shown any signs of interest back at the guy. If you are doing this then your game is off. If she’s not that into you and you’re pouring your heart out, you’ll most likely never hear from her again… Picking up on social cues is something you want to get good at if you want to attract hotter women, my friend. Now that that’s been said, let me show you some ideas for how to text women using sweet texts.

1) “Just want to let you know, I’m thinking of you”

In my opinion, when there’s a great connection between you and a woman, it can help to tell them you’re thinking of them. However, constantly texting her and telling her that she’s on your mind is something that shouldn’t be done. But if you’ve been somewhat detached from a girl, then this sweet text about how you’re thinking of her will surely help. This is a very direct text though. If you wanted to, you could add some humor to it by telling her something that wouldn’t really remind a person of anyone, and then adding in the “thinking of you” bit at the end. An example could be, “Finally watched My Little Pony, and I was thinking of you.” This will get her curious and maybe a little confused, which is a great way to add some flavor to your sweet text.

2) Pictures of flowers

This idea for sweet texts to send a girl is one I really like. Here’s the thing with technology, it can be used to either boost your interactions and make them better, or it can be used to make things awful and cold. I’d personally rather use it for good, so texting pictures of flowers or other sweet things to a girl who deserves it is something I like to do. If she has previously felt even a little bit of attraction towards you, then she will probably like it. All you have to do is take a pic of some nice looking flowers that you see in a local flower shop, and send it to a girl who’s deserving of your sweet texts. It’s that simple.

3) Pictures of a meal you’re cooking or some dessert

At times, images can help build emotional investment in a person by quite a bit, sometimes more than words. Written text messages require little effort to come up with and send. Cooking a meal, on the contrary, requires a lot of time and preparation. By showing her a picture of a delicious-looking meal you’ve cooked, you’re giving her a glimpse of your paternal side. When a girl thinks that you would be great with her babies, it really boosts the attraction she feels towards you. So try sending her a pic of something you’ve been working on, like a dessert, a meal, or anything, and use it as one of your sweet texts to send a girl.

4) Give her a compliment when she sends you a picture of herself

With regards to this, I’d like to mention that when a girl’s sending you pics of herself, it’s almost a guarantee that she is interested in you. This is your opportunity to text her something sweet other than, “Aw dam, show me those tittys babee!” So just give her a compliment on how she looks. However, if you get the feeling that she’s trying to get an investment when sending you her pic, you shouldn’t give the compliment so easily… Get her to work for it a bit. But either way, telling a woman she looks good in her picture(s) works well as a sweet text to send her.

5) “Let’s get out and do something!”

Getting out and enjoying life with someone who’s company you truly enjoy is the sweetest thing there is. There’s much more to do in person compared to text messaging, which is why it’s better to be there with the girl, rather than texting her all day. Yes, technology can sometimes be the easiest option, but ultimately you want to be capable of seducing these women when you’re actually there with them. Your phone is just a tool to get her out after all.

6) “Miss u”

These days, people are so caught up in social networking and technology that they often forget about the people who are out there, in the real world, who would like to meet up with them if they’d let them. So if you’re missing a girl, send her this sweet, simple text, and use it to move the interaction in the direction of a meet up. There’s nothing as sweet as real human contact.

Soon after sending some of these sweet texts you’ll start to pick up on when to give solid investment and when not to.

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