Five Tips for How to Text A Woman You Just Met

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what to text a girl you just metWhen going out and meeting girls, it’s pretty much impossible to have a bad time. No matter what kind of mood you were in prior to going out, once you’re out socializing and flirting, you will usually find yourself in a good mood. A lot of guys who are into the bar scene often enjoy exchanging numbers with women- but what to text a girl you just met? How can you text her in a way that enables you to line up some actual activity?

It’s a simple answer… Keep reading. There are a few things that need to be done and taken into account in order to maximize your chances for a meet up.

1) Was the interaction actually good?

The first tip for how to text a woman you just met is to make sure the interaction actually went well. You don’t want to be pushing for it just because you feel like it.

There’s this mentality in the PUA community that you have to stay in an interaction even if it’s going completely awful. Yes, there’s always the possibility that you can turn things around even if your initial approach is failing miserably, but if you’re getting a lot of flakes… Then your interactions probably aren’t going as well as you thought. They might have been annoyed to be talking with you and gave you their number for the sake of being polite. This happens all the time. Then when you text them a day or a couple of days later, they completely ignore you (as if you were a ghost!).

So next time you get a number, do an honest assessment as to how the interaction went. If you feel like it didn’t go that great then I wouldn’t bother, as this puts you at an early disadvantage and gives her a reason to flake on you.

2) Always trade numbers

When texting a girl you just met, preventing any confusion is what you should be striving for, and so, be sure to always trade numbers. This will eliminate the “huh?” or “who is this?” kind of responses that you would get otherwise. While getting the girl’s number is what starts the interaction, the goal doesn’t have to be phone numbers. Actually, phone numbers don’t mean a whole lot… What you want to strive for is a good interaction. But after having a good interaction, exchanging phone numbers enables you to continue talking to her.

So around 10 minutes into it (making sure it’s going well), you should try for her digits. Getting her number should be the most laid back part of the interaction. Not coming off as too excited or overeager is the way to go when doing this.

3) Use callback humor

For those of you who don’t know what callback humor is, it basically just means making a reference to something that the girl found funny in the initial interaction. Anything that made her laugh can be used here. For example, if you teased her about being a super badass and she found it kind of funny, send her a callback humor text reminding her of the laughs the 2 of you had (and of what a badass she is!). If she was laughing or smiling when you joked about it before, there’s a very good chance that she will laugh or smile when reading your callback humor text. Because she’s reminded of the fun the 2 of you had during the initial interaction, there’s a much greater chance that she will reply to your texts, and that’s the whole point of this… To make girls want to reply to your fun texts. Callback humor provides an emotional connection and is the perfect thing to text a girl you just met, and most PUA’s recommend using it for the first text.

4) Hilarious pictures

Want to make a girl laugh and smile? Texting funny pictures is an easy and effective way to do that. Technology has come a long way and cell phones are capable of doing a ton of different things now. Things that people who lived in the 1950’s would have never dreamed of. One of these things is the ability to find funny pictures online, save them to your phone, and then send them to people you know (in this case, women). Hilarious pictures of animals or humorous captions both work great. Just make sure the pictures are actually funny. If your interaction seems to be fizzling or you’re not the best at making jokes, then this is the perfect way to spice up the interaction and get the girl feeling some sort of emotional response (which is always a plus!).

5) Stupid jokes

Stupid jokes can get the job done just as well as funny pictures. Some people don’t agree with this idea but if you think about the structure of a joke, there’s a bit of a hooking element contained in them. This hooking element creates investment in the audience, after which the punch line is given. This structure works perfectly for short, humorous texts.

So look for some hilarious pictures, stupid jokes, and think about how you can use callback humor when texting a girl you just met. Some things will work, some won’t… This is where you need to experiment and see what works best for you.

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