Three Basic Tips for How to Text A Woman You Like

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what to text a girl you likeThere are lots of different ways to flirt with women, one of which is through texting. It’s very helpful to know how to effectively text women, because it’s a little different than having a conversation on the phone. So here are some basic tips that will help you get a feel for what and how to text a woman you like, and allow you to start dating the women you want as quick as possible.

1) Make sure you’re subtle

While you should let the girl you’re interested in know that you like her, you want to do it in a very subtle, non-obvious kind of way. Thus, sending 20+ texts a day is something you don’t want to do. Texting a girl this much may make you come across as desperate or clingy, and so, you’ll want to limit the number of texts you send at first.

2) Try to be funny

Sending jokes, humorous pictures, or other funny things is a very simple way to get a girl laughing and smiling. There are a ton of jokes and funny pictures on the internet right at your fingertips, so why not make use of them. Simply find some yourself or use some that your friends have sent you. A good rule of thumb is that if the joke, picture, or whatever you’re planning on sending makes you grin when you read/look at it, then it’s probably good to send. Once she reads your text she will know that you were thinking of her and understand what’s going on.

3) Use emoticons

Using emoticons in your text messages can be a great way to add to the flirty vibe you want to be giving off. However, you don’t want to overdo it with them as you may come across as childish or immature. Throwing in a smiley face or a wink face every once in a while is a good idea though, as she will probably think it’s cute and flirty. Most girls know a lot more about flirting than guys, which is fine. You’ll want her to pick up on your use of these flirty emoticons to let her know that you’re interested.  Once she picks up on this, you’ll be moving in the direction of getting actual dates.

So next time you’re texting a girl, try to be subtle, funny, and occasionally make use of emoticons. Following these 3 basic tips will help increase the odds of you turning those numbers into dates, which should be your main goal when you’re texting a girl you like.

These were a few tips that I learnt from my friend Bobby Rio and his ebook Magnetic Messaging. If you’re serious about that girl you like, and want to get her choosing to be with you over every other guy she probably has texting her, then I highly recommend you watch his FREE video presentation and learn the #1 sequence of texts you can use to turn her on and get her out on a date. This “Key Lock Sequence” is so simple, yet it can even be used to break free of the friend zone (and win over those girls who are hard to get!)

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