Three Key Online Dating Tips that Will Boost Your Success

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online dating tipsFor most average guys, online dating can be somewhat tedious. Sending messages to attractive women only to never hear back from them can lead to some big disappointment. But here’s the thing. By changing the way you compose and send your messages, it’s possible for an average guy to get numerous numbers and numerous dates from these beautiful women on dating sites. I know this because I’m living proof. After I started applying these 3 simple tips, I began to see some huge success on dating sites. So let’s get to it, here are 3 online dating tips that will help you succeed.

1) Be playful with your messages

Girl’s love to have fun, and messaging in a very straightforward fact-based style is not that fun. Messaging in a fun, playful way on the other hand, is. Your messages don’t have to be brilliant every time, just a little humor is all you need. Even a message that’s kind of corny can still work well enough. Find something you could joke around with her about on her profile or in her pictures, or even use your imagination to come up with some fun messages. If you can be fun and flirty, that’s even better. While there’s no guarantee a girl will reply no matter how good your message is, sending fun messages will definitely increase your chances of getting a response.

2) Be persistent

As I was just saying, there’s no guarantee that a girl will respond to your messages. This is where persistence comes into play. After allowing a girl enough time to read your message and not getting a reply, it is very effective to continue to send fun, flirty messages to her. In fact back when I was using dating sites, out of all the numbers I got from attractive women, I think I only got a couple of them from women that replied to my first messages. The rest were obtained via my follow up messages. While sending fun follow up messages to a girl who hasn’t been replying works really well, and can increase the attraction she feels towards you, you have to be careful not to overdo it. This is where the third tip comes into play.

3) Be patient

Bombarding a woman with 20 messages (even if they’re fun) in one day will most likely get her to see you as an annoyance, which might then lead to her blocking you. What I found was that sending 2-3 spaced out messages a day, 1-2 messages every 2 days, or even 1 message every 3 days worked best for achieving my goal of getting attractive girls’ digits. There’s no set rule for this, as I’ve gotten numerous numbers from all 3 of these methods, but basically what I’m trying to say is to be patient, keep your messages spaced out, and allow her plenty of time to read them.

One other thing I’d like to mention, which I can tell you from my experience, is that if you don’t have patience you will probably be disappointed. For the average guy it can take numerous days to finally get a number from a beautiful girl online. So try not to think about instant gratification, think about how patience is going to help you get the results you want.

Once you start getting more numbers from sexy women on dating sites, it’s important to know how to maintain, and even increase the attraction they feel for you…

And one way of doing this is through texting…

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