How to Attract Women Three Toxic Mistakes That Are Getting You Stuck In The Friend Zone


friend zoneHave you ever wanted a girl so bad that you simply had to confess your feelings to her and just pour out your heart and soul? I know I have in the past and the results weren’t pretty. In fact, the girl I did this to had shown some signs of interest towards me… Until I did that.

The movies tend to make us believe that this kind of behaviour will completely win her over. If only she knew how badly you want her, she’ll want you back just as much.

But real life isn’t a movie, and in real life this kind of behaviour is a sure-fire way of destroying any attraction she may have or would have felt for you. Once you confess your feelings too early on, she’ll realize that she has the upper hand on you.

And because she senses that she has the upper hand, she most likely won’t feel the desire to pursue you… To try to win YOU over.

Lucky for you I’ve got a great video for you today that will show you 3 of the most toxic mistakes you could be making that are getting you stuck in the friend zone (and tips on how to attract women). The video was created by 2 of the most well known seduction experts in the World, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge.

These guys really know how to attract hotter women, and when they put their heads together they have a knack for coming up with some truly amazing and highly effective products.

So, I’ve already talked a little bit about how confessing your feelings to a girl too early on will ruin any attraction she felt for you, 99% of the time. But what are the other 2 toxic mistakes that could be holding you back right now…?

Check out the video below to discover the other 2 toxic mistakes, and to get more thorough explanations of all 3 of these friend zone invitations…

By Bobby Rio & Rob Judge Creators of: The Scrambler: How to Score the Hard to Get Girl