Unlock Her Legs Review Questions and Answers

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unlock-her-legs-review-2I know you may have some questions about Bobby Rio and Rob Judge’s Unlock Her Legs training program, so I’ve asked Bobby if he would be willing to share some of the most common questions they’ve received about the program, and also a few testimonials which are related to these questions.

These are 5 of the most common questions they have received ever since the launch of the product (along with the answers to these questions). You can check them out below.

(NOTE: The following testimonials have been slightly altered, but the basic meanings of each one remains the same. These are slight alterations of real consumer testimonials)

1) How fast will I gain access to the Unlock Her Legs training program?

Access to this training program is instant. As soon as you place your order you will be led to the members area where you will have complete access to all of the material. This includes the manual for The Scrambler, the LUST System videos and audios, the videos for The 12 Seduction Weapons, and lots more. Within just minutes you will learn the strategy for getting that hard to get girl obsessed with sleeping with you, begging to be your girlfriend.

You can get results just like Leslie:

“I’m onto day 8 of this program and I’ve already banged the girl that I’ve using this stuff on, four times. This works. She’s even been taking me out. Home Run….”

– Leslie

2) Are there any hidden fees with this program?

There are no hidden fees. You’ll gain lifetime access to the members area for a one time fee. So 10 years from now, if you find yourself wanting to review the content again, you’ll still have complete access to the entire program, and you can use it once again to sleep with different girls or to find yourself a new relationship with a different woman.

3) Will this program work for me even though I’m OLD?

The age range for students who learn from Bobby and Rob is 18-60. Bobby and Rob have taken situations and questions from all these students’ lives and made sure their manual for The Scrambler covers all of it. Some of their most successful students happen to be divorced men who got back into the game in their late fourtys. And these men went from being friend zoned, to dating women approximately 1/2 their age very quickly.

The bottom line is, when you understand how to attract women and how to get them chasing you, and what really turns them on, it doesn’t matter at all what your age is, how little money you have, or what your physical appearances are like.

Check out this testimonial from one of Bobby and Rob’s older students:

“I want to thank you guys so much, I’m 64 years old, going through a divorce, and now life is opening up. I have 4 dancers that I’m seeing, two intimately. I’m loving this new attitude that I’ve developed…”

– Michael

4) Do these strategies and techniques work on all kinds of women?

Bobby and Rob tested this stuff on women from all over the World. The principles they teach are universal. By targetting the same “physiological switches”, you can get all kinds of women chasing you. Because this is in her instinct. She won’t be able to resist. Regardless of whether or not you’re her “normal type”, she’ll still be thinking about you constantly and obsessing over you.

Here’s a testimonial from Kevin:

“I want to let you know, you and Rob have made my life way better. The Scrambler and geting her to use the decoder, the cat and the string theory have given me instant results. The chasing affirmation idea is priceless. And the LUST system is what tops it off. Total game changer. Thank you guys! Keep up the great work!”

– Kevin

5) Will this program break me free of the friend zone?

This program works best on women who you interact with fairly regularly or within your social circle. This makes it ideal for breaking free of the friend zone, banging a woman in your social circle, winning back that girl who got away, or even nailing that waitress or bartender you have a crush on.

“None of the previous programs I ever purchased seemed to help with getting my ex back. While there are lots of “get your ex back” programs available, most of them are total crap.

You can learn a few things from them, but none of it is really that great. Then I found this. Holy crap. I had what I call my “Raiders of the Lost Ark” moment. I finally understand how Indiana Jones must have felt when he finally discovered the Ark after all his tribulations and trials.”

– Greg


I hope these Unlock Her Legs Review Questions & Answers have helped answer some of the main concerns you may have had about the program.

And if you have any other questions feel free to contact me by clicking here, or just leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer your question within 24 hours.

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