Unlock Her Legs Review The Science Behind The Scrambler Technique

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unlock her legs reviewWay back during the 1940s, 2 scientists (Peter Milner & James Old) accidentally stumbled upon a powerful section of the brain which turned out to be the main source of human and animal cravings.

These scientists put tiny electrodes inside the brains of mice that enabled these mice to give themselves little  electric shocks to the small sections of their brains referred to as their nucleus accubens.

These mice became hooked very quickly on the sensation of these shocks, and would actually forgo water, food, and even race through a very painful electric grid to get the opportunity to repeatedly press the lever which administered these shocks…

A few short years later, other scientists experimented with the human reactions of the same stimulus to the same section of the human brain.

And the results were exactly the same.

All these human subjects wanted to do was press that brain-stimulating button.

Over the following years, scientists continually studied this section of the human brain until they came across an AMAZING DISCOVERY…

Their amazing results identified that this “nucleus accubens” actually wasn’t stimulated when receiving the reward, but in the ANTICIPATION of the reward.

Read over that one more time.

And then one more time after that.

(This is very important for understanding infatuation and lust)

This study revealed that what brings us to act isn’t the feeling we get from the actual reward, but the feeling of having to alleviate our cravings for the reward.

This STRESS of DESIRE is what compels us.

Anticipation triumphs over Reward.

And this stress of desire is mandatory for getting someone hooked.

Just take a second to think about the movies.

Most of the time, the rewards in the movies which we crave are the good guys overcoming the bad guys, or the man and woman finally falling for eachother…

The movies we like the most tend to build up that tension, stress, and anticipation all the way to seemingly unbearable levels (which keeps you totally glued to the screen).

And during this time, your nucleus accubens (your pleasure center) gets hugely stimulated.

It’s basically impossible to take your eyes away from the screen until you finally discover what happens at the end.

You’ll avoid taking a leak for hours just so you don’t miss one second of that movie…

You’re completely hooked…

But what happens when you watch the same movie for the 2nd time?

Or the 3rd time?

That stress, tension, and anticipation isn’t nearly as high because of the fact that you already know what’s going to happen at the end.

Everything has become predictable.

That pleasure section of your brain just isn’t being stimulated at the same level.

So I want to ask you…

Was there ever a woman who started out extremely into you? Seemingly hooked on you?  Maybe even falling head over heels for you?

And then after a couple of dates, she began losing interest and started falling away from you?

Based on what I’ve just explained to you, can you guess what happened?

Your movie became way too predictable, and all of that stress, tension, and anticipation was relieved way too quickly.

This means that the pleasure section of her brain (nucleus accubens) wasn’t getting stimulated the way it was before.

And she begins to feel the “Come Down”.

The “come down” is the moment she recognizes that it just isn’t as good as it was.

That high she had has now disappeared.

And it’s this moment where her mind switches to some other guy who will provide her with that stress, tension, and anticipation that she wants so bad.




These must all be present BEFORE she receives the reward. And they must be constantly implemented at UNPREDICTABLE times.

Unpredictable rewards: Real World example

Here’s a real World example of how this works.

Imagine for a moment that you go on a date with a woman. The date goes very well. And over the next week the 2 of you exchange some text messages.

When you text her the first time, there’s this massive anticipation of when she’s going to text you back, what she’s going to say, and whether or not she’ll want to meet up again…

So when you receive a text from her shortly after you send yours, your “pleasure center” is fired up.

Now, lets say that over the next week she replies to each of your texts within just a few minutes.

By the end of the week your “high” from receiving her quick replies isn’t the same as it was before.


Now imagine that the weekend finally comes, you send her a text, but 3 or 4 hours later she still hasn’t replied.

Where are your levels of stress, tension, and anticipation now?

Probably straight through the roof!

So when you finally get that text message reply from her, your nucleus accubens explodes with pleasure from it.

So, where do most men screw it up?

They aren’t providing her with enough stress, tension, or anticipation.

And she’ll NEVER become hooked on you until you do.

Now, my friend and Unlock Her Legs co-creator Bobby Rio discovered that THIS was the missing ingredient which was causing men to continually lose the women they really like.

He started experimenting with different behaviors and taking note of the effects they had on women.

And he soon realized that there were twelve specific weapons that any guy could use over and over for creating that stress, tension, and anticipation at UNPREDICTABLE TIMES which would consistently get women hooked on them.

He discovered a very specific sequence for which to use them. And he called it The Scrambler Technique.

This technique basically allows you to continually “re-write the movie” so that she gets stuck to the screen.

And every time she thinks she’s got you figured out, you create that stress, tension, and anticipation to throw her off and get her even more hooked.

Think this is evil?

I don’t think it is, because you’re basically just providing her with what she wants and craves. You’re stimulating that pleasure section of her mind.

If you were creating a movie, wouldn’t you want to load it up with as much tension and anticipation as you possibly could?

Wouldn’t you want to make that movie as least predictable as you can?

So why not view your interactions with women the same way?

Create that movie that gets her hooked, and not that movie that gets her flipping channels, hoping to find something more interesting to watch.

That’s what The Scrambler Technique and the science behind it really does, gets her hooked on you.

I’d also like to mention that this Unlock Her Legs Review explains just a fraction of the science behind The Scrambler Technique. The manual for “The Scrambler” contains 7 articles which go into further detail about the psychology behind it.

When it comes to a system that’s scientifically proven to work, Unlock Her Legs truly is superior to any other dating advice product available to date.

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